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ciao a tutti

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Topic: ciao a tutti
Postato da: gi86
soggetto: ciao a tutti
Postato in data: 24 Giu 2009 alle 15:16
ciao a tutti sono una nuova iscritta,conoscevo già isa e le sue colleghe perchè ho scritto nella posta e parlato con loro,ma non pensavo vi fosse un forum..un bacio a tutte

Postato da: fulan_lily
Postato in data: 23 Mar 2010 alle 03:26 - world of warcraft power leveling    "Campus love cannot last long!" For decades, this saying has been passed on from generation to generation. Many dizzy and seemingly correct reasons have been attached to it during the years that students are not mature enough to confront all those troublesome and irritating matters brought near by love,  that the major task of students is learning and nothing can replace it, that there is still a long way of life before students and anything can come and break the two up. In some cases, these arguments can be true. But certainly,they shouldn't be taken as universal of warcraft power leveling - wow power leveling , Admittedly,  when speaking of maturation, students cannot,of course, hold a candle to those who have been saturated in the all included, ranging from benevolence to evil, social "sea".  But what's the business of maturation when we are talking about love? As one of the innate emotions of human beings, love happens deeply from one's heart and all impulsively. Thus, though practically impossible, no rational components should involve in a pure love matter. When being far away from the dreary commitment to mean ambition, the love of comfort,  social climbing,and the devotion to material things, young people treat their love more simply and seriously. That is true love, what else can last even longer?  And it is also a fallacy when use "future events can break the two up" to speak against campus love. Some people may cite the example of being separated upon graduation to illustrate the transience of campus love. But why not think in a reverse way?aion kinah wow power leveling - world of warcraft gold ,    True love builds up a strong affinity for each other between the lovers. It can help them overcome all external obstacles to get together. Now that we can clearly recognize the irrationality of the old saying, some more potent bases of argument are supporting for its antithesis. Margaret and Archie have been couple for over 50 years.They got to know each other in the lab of Zoology in their college. "Her drawings were always neat and, where stippling was required, her dots were spread evenly on the drawing and precise. My drawings were rather irregular and my stippling looked more like commas than dots..." Archie can remember clearly all the details during the periods in the Zoology lab with Margaret."We came together just because we always had the same painful task to deal with!" Yes, that's the most cases. Campus love usually takes place when the two are both pursuing the same goal.In such condition, they become intimate partners and help each other all the way through. Thus, the love turns to be strong and steadfast. "Now,  we would both be happy to call it (college) our permanent home, and plan to continue living around this area after the wedding." Bill and Beth is another pair of lovers who get acquainted on campus.  "We study together in the library, eat together in the dining room, watch movie, attend classes, and go to the parties. Campus provided us with so many opportunities to stay together. Surely we get intimate and know each other better!"   world of warcraft gold  [ - world of warcraft gold

 world of warcraft gold    This illustrates the point that campus can be a really perfect place to ignite eternal love. While this lasting love can also happen more remarkably on a sinking ship or in a cruel war, we can, at least, proclaim safely that no convincing evidence can support the veto against perpetual love initiating on campus. So, why keep on sticking with that platitudinous old saying? Maybe Cupid has already prepared an arrow for you... - world of warcraft power leveling ,  world of warcraft power leveling

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